Tips For Making Healthy Food More Tasty

Posted by javanuddin on Saturday, February 25, 2012

Losing weight is not an easy business, and you need to eat healthy meals (that are low in calories, salt and saturated fat) on a regular basis. Lets face it, some of those fatty meals are pretty darn tasty, but eating meals that are lower in fat or calories does not have to mean that they should be lacking in taste. Let me give you a few ideas to make your healthy meals taste that little bit better.

Tips For Eating Healthy Tasty Meals

Here are a few suggestions to help put some real flavour in to your healthy meals: -

1. Eat A Healthy Salad Dressing

A salad without dressing is like a burger without cheese for me, but the majority of salad dressings are laden with fat and calories. Try using something healthy to create a dressing and add flavour to your salad, such as flaxseed oil that has a nutty flavour, fat-free buttermilk or a flavoured vinegar. There are reduced-fat dressings available, but be careful and read the labels as some are more healthy than others. Try having your dressing in a pot on the side rather than pouring it all over your salad.

2. Make Your Salad More Interesting?

You can turn a basic salad into something more appealing with a little invention. How about adding some fresh apple and strawberries or some nutritious and tasty spinach? Diced onion or peppers can also add plenty of taste or you could even sprinkle some nuts over your salad.

3. Spice Up Those Healthy Dishes

Rather than adding butter or cheese to your dishes to add flavour, why not consider using some herbs and spices? You can experiment with parsley, garlic, dill, curry, tarragon, sage or whatever you fancy to add some kick to your meal. Bear them in mind when making low-fat dishes such as pasta, soup, casserole and chicken dishes. Try to avoid adding cooking sauces to your meals or gravy as this will pile the calories on.

4. Eat A Healthy Cooked Breakfast

You should avoid fried food, but you can still prepare a healthy and nutritious cooked breakfast. Have strimmed and grilled Canadian bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, poached eggs and whole grain toast with a low-fat spread. Get in the habit of grilling and steaming your food in order to cut down on the saturated fat and keep the nutrition in your food.

5. Practice Portion Control

Whatever you choose to eat, then make sure you enjoy it in moderation. If you are going to eat something a little more fatty as a treat, then just be sensible. If you are having some pizza, instead of eating a whole one, enjoy a slice with a nice green salad. learn to substitute your fries for a salad or baked potato. Eat a bowl of soup before your main meal, to fill you up and help you avoid eating too much. Eat slowly and stop when you start to feel full, not when you are stuffed.

Follow my tips for making healthy food more tasty and enjoy a well balanced diet, you will be well on the way to achieving your weight loss goals.

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