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Posted by javanuddin on Sunday, February 26, 2012

It is difficult to make a healthy meal for the whole family every day. Salts, fats and other unhealthy additives can be really full of sugar, which may seem a healthy meal. Even a salad can be a dish relatively little healthy with the wrong type of vinaigrette. What we really, with healthy foods are many whole grain products, natural foods and the type of ingredients step stack in the pound sterling.

On the other hand, this does not mean that it should be boring or devoid of imagination. Here are a few recipes to start healthy is:

Spinach balls


Spinach 1 lb
1.5 Ounces of grated cheese
3 C soup wheat flour
1 Egg
1 small onion
1 Cup of tomatoes
4. The crumbs
White pepper

Select remove, fresh leaves, green, foreign and wilted spinach and make washing the spinach. Scuttled off the coast of stem hard as much as you can and crumble the remaining leaves. Cook the spinach in a hot with a small pan of water, until the leaves are wilted, this will take you a few minutes.

When cooled, mix the spinach with cheese, flour and egg white, before adding a pinch of pepper. Sum up in balls and store them for the next step. Meanwhile, mix the eggs with salt yellow separated by return to the previous one and its coating with its mix of bread crumbs. Now, arrange the meatballs on a tray and leave in the refrigerator for a few hours or more.

You can add a delicious sauce of tomatoes, onions and oregano. Take the balls and spinach with only a few drops of oil, you, the balls, let boil and add to the sauce. Serve hot and enjoy the holidays up to a dozen of this Green and healthy fun!

French fries


1 Medium Apple
1 C. soup sugar
1/2 Cup of water
1 / 2 The cinnamon
(Increase of Apple wants to make)

The skin of the apples and place in a dish to cook and wash. A bit of water to implement the database and make a few small in the Apple of hacks. With sugar, cinnamon and sprinkle mixture then in the oven at medium heat for 40 minutes, until sweet apples and mashed.

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