Tasty Snacks Minus the Guilt - Healthy Snack Ideas For Healthy Living

Posted by javanuddin on Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Eating snacks is often said to be a bad behavior and should not be included in a person's diet. But healthy snack ideas can be good, if the foods are nutritious and healthy. Children are not the only age group who can monopolize on snacks. If you are already an adult, then don't feel guilty on splurging on these as long as they are healthy.

Healthy snacks can give extra energy needed for exercise. It can also help reduce hunger and it can prevent over eating. It is important to choose healthy and low calorie snacks foods because it can contribute to the daily calorie intake needed by our body. There are calorie free snacks available in the market, like salad greens which includes lettuce, romaine and spinach. Low sodium broth or bouillon and one cup raw vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms, cucumber and celery are also good munching ingredients for your nibbles. Diet jello and crystal light popsicles, on the other hand, can be your sweet delights for dessert.

There are very low calories snacks available on the market. Foods like these include, one small piece of fruit like pear and apple, peach, nectarine and orange, half slice of a small banana and one table spoon raisins. Vegetables like one large carrot with a fat free dressing can also be a substitute. Crackers and grains option, on the other hand can include two cups air popped popcorn, five pieces of saltine crackers and one rice cake with skim ricotta cheese. If you are a lover of dairy products and meat, you can have an ounce of low fat cheese and pudding with non-fat milk or a slice of a lean turkey or chicken.

If you cannot stick to calorie free and very low calorie healthy snack ideas, there are other low calorie snacks that you can have without the guilt. Toasted muffin with jelly, one cup cereal with non fat milk, one half slice of bagel with alfalfa sprouts, cucumber, tomato and non fat cheese as filling or one small whole wheat bagels are just some of the mouth-watering choices that you can select from. A sandwich made with lean turkey or chicken, lettuce, tomato and mustard could be a substitute. Chips and junk food include a small tortilla or baked potato with low fat cheese and salsa as dip. You can also have mini pizzas made of English muffins or bagels with low fat cheese and tomato sauce. Fruits like grape nuts with vanilla yogurt, baked apple with cinnamon, banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter, fresh fruits are also healthy selections.

Here are some examples of healthy snack ideas recipes that you can do. A party parfait that serves two people needs two cups of vanilla or non- fat yogurt, one half fresh fruit and one fourth cup of whole grain cereal. First, prepare both glasses with yogurt, layer the fruits on top of it, and sprinkle cereals on top of it. Repeat these steps until the glass is full. For the finishing touch, chill your preparation before serving.

The second recipe is Bananas on a Stick that serves about six people. The ingredients include: three bananas cut in half, one fourth cup peanut butter, one fourth cup grains such as walnuts, pecans or granola and six Popsicle sticks. First, insert the Popsicle stick into the banana, spread the peanut butter and roll it to the nuts and cereal. Serve immediately or wrap in wax paper and put in the freezer for three hours before serving.

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