Eat Healthy and Tasty Chicken Salads

Posted by javanuddin on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If you were to think right now what would you like to eat in this very moment, you'd most probably think chicken. More than 80% of you surely thought about chicken when reading this. The reason for this is simple - chicken is very very delicious. And you need no one to tell you that. What you didn't know is that just by itself chicken is not that good for your health. But if you will grab a chicken salad recipe you will totally change the notion. This is because chicken salad recipes provide you a very healthy dish to have in your meal.

In a salad there are three basic ingredients: the delicious meat, the healthy vegetables and the add-ons. The add-ons are usually condiments, oil and vinegar. There are many options out there. Some recipes propose the curry as a great ingredient to use with the chicken. Others go with the classic salt and pepper. The oil may be olive oil but also something less pretentious. The vinegar mustn't be used in large quantities for chicken salad recipes. You might even find a chicken salad recipe using a lemon instead. The lemon is much healthier and less acid. This is why it gets used more than the vinegar in more than one dish.

The vegetables you will use in the salad may vary a lot too. There are many variations using stuff like tomatoes, cucumbers, salad or corn. No matter what legumes or vegetables you will use, they are the ones providing the really good substances, especially vitamins. And even if you don't like the vegetables that much you will still enjoy them due to the chicken. If you have a kid that doesn't want to eat well no matter what just go ahead and grab a chicken salad recipe. You will surely get him to eat. There is almost no other dish that combines delicious with healthy better than those chicken salad recipes.

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