Healthy Food Items: Sometimes Healthy, Sometimes Tasty

Posted by javanuddin on Sunday, February 26, 2012

Gone were the days when the biscuits were eaten only as a purpose of snacks only and not much importance were given to their look and feel. But now days, market is full of biscuits in different shapes and flavors. These flavored biscuits have their own place and demand in the market. Generally an artificial flavor is added to flavored biscuits but many manufactures bake these biscuits in such a way that they add nothing like sugar, salt or any kind of artificial flavor. These are manufactured from health point of view. Many people would not like these as they would not taste as much as others do but if they will look the health benefits of these kinds of biscuits then no doubt they would purchase these. So next time when you go outside to purchase biscuits for you or specially flavored biscuits then see the labels on them and carefully buy as they do come in many options.

When we are talking of tasty foods then why not give a little thought to healthier juices also? These juices are extracted from fruits and either eaten fresh or processed and packaged by their manufactures for longer use. Some of the commonly used fruits for this purpose are litchi, strawberry, orange, mosambi, pineapple etc. They can be made at home also for which their machine would be required. For example, Mosambi Juice machine is a compact home device that can be bought and used at home for extracting juice of mosambi. These machines separate the pulp from the seeds inside. Since the seeds of mosambi are very bitter in taste so these machines help in removing the bitterness of juice by removing the seeds. The fruits are rich source of vitamins, minerals, roughage and help in fighting diseases also. One can have juice after and before exercising too. A glass full of juice can make you healthier and refreshed. In fact we should involve this habit in our daily routine to have a glass full of juice and if not juice then direct fruit can be eaten.

Though we read about healthy juices, biscuits above but sometimes it happens that we want to eat something which is cool and different. Yes you would have guessed right, we are talking about ice creams and kulfis which are eaten not only during summers but winters as well. One can make ice cream candy out of ice-cream or buy it from the market. In market these are available in Ice Cream Candy Box. These ice cream candy boxes have candies stored at low temperature or generally frozen. The same way kulfis can be made at home by using Plastic Kulfi Moulds. For this all the ingredients used for kulfis are mixed together and pour in Plastic Kulfi Moulds which are then stored in a freezer.

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