Lemonade Restaurant Provides Refreshing And Healthy Meal Options (Bangstyle - Lemonade Diet)

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Los Angeles is somewhat of a mecca for healthy and delicious food options. However, as someone who admittedly views breakfast burritos as its separate food group, I can be a hard sell when it comes to getting me to choose healthy food options over my beloved greasy diet staples. As a USC student, we have a seemingly endless supply of delicious meal options from Carls Jr., to California Pizza Kitchen, to Wahoo's Fish Tacos, to Panda Express. I had gotten into the habit of settling for an admittedly unhealthy diet on a daily basis when Lemonade came into the picture and changed everything.

Lemonade Diet

Lemonade is a self proclaimed "modern cafeteria serving Southern California comfort food." Lemonade is unlike any dining experience I have ever encountered before. The menu items are colorful and imaginative and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. Lemonade features a number of different menu options. One option is to get "portions." Lemonade portions are cold dishes that consist of a variety of vegetables, noodles, lentils, fruits, and sometimes meats such as chicken or ahi tuna. My favorite recent portion dishes include orecchiette with tomato, perlini mozzarella and red pepper, spaghetti squash with farro and pomegranate vinaigrette, Watermelon radish with ahi tuna, snap peas, black sesame and ginger, Israeli couscous with wild mushrooms, parmesan and lemon truffle, and finally, cauliower with golden raisins, almonds and curry. I have never had a bad experience with the employees, who are friendly and are willing to oblige your sample requests. I like to order multiple portions and stockpile them in my refrigerator. They come packaged in a convenient to-go box, and are great to eat at any time of the day. I sincerely could live solely off of Lemonade portions.

Lemonade also has a variety of Land & Sea item options such as citrus poached salmon let and the buttermilk chicken breast. All of these options are delicious and complement the portions very well. I highly recommend the salmon. In addition to these options, Lemonade also features a number of delicious sandwiches, braises, and salads. There are also a wide range of delicious homemade dessert options. And of course, Lemonade is famous for its namesake lemonade products, which come in a range of delicious flavors. I personally recommend the blueberry mint lemonade. It is delicious and you simply cannot go wrong with it. Lemonade Diet

Aside from the USC campus location, Lemonade also has various other locations in the Southern California area. Check out the "Locations" page on the Lemonade website to find a location near you!

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Healthy Food Items Sometimes Healthy, Sometimes Tasty

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Gone were the days when the biscuits were eaten only as a purpose of snacks only and not much importance were given to their look and feel. But now days, market is full of biscuits in different shapes and flavors. These flavored biscuits have their own place and demand in the market. Generally an artificial flavor is added to flavored biscuits but many manufactures bake these biscuits in such a way that they add nothing like sugar, salt or any kind of artificial flavor. These are manufactured from health point of view. Many people would not like these as they would not taste as much as others do but if they will look the health benefits of these kinds of biscuits then no doubt they would purchase these. So next time when you go outside to purchase biscuits for you or specially flavored biscuits then see the labels on them and carefully buy as they do come in many options.

When we are talking of tasty foods then why not give a little thought to healthier juices also? These juices are extracted from fruits and either eaten fresh or processed and packaged by their manufactures for longer use. Some of the commonly used fruits for this purpose are litchi, strawberry, orange, mosambi, pineapple etc. They can be made at home also for which their machine would be required. For example, Mosambi Juice machine is a compact home device that can be bought and used at home for extracting juice of mosambi. These machines separate the pulp from the seeds inside. Since the seeds of mosambi are very bitter in taste so these machines help in removing the bitterness of juice by removing the seeds. The fruits are rich source of vitamins, minerals, roughage and help in fighting diseases also. One can have juice after and before exercising too. A glass full of juice can make you healthier and refreshed. In fact we should involve this habit in our daily routine to have a glass full of juice and if not juice then direct fruit can be eaten.

Though we read about healthy juices, biscuits above but sometimes it happens that we want to eat something which is cool and different. Yes you would have guessed right, we are talking about ice creams and kulfis which are eaten not only during summers but winters as well. One can make ice cream candy out of ice-cream or buy it from the market. In market these are available in Ice Cream Candy Box. These ice cream candy boxes have candies stored at low temperature or generally frozen. The same way kulfis can be made at home by using Plastic Kulfi Moulds. For this all the ingredients used for kulfis are mixed together and pour in Plastic Kulfi Moulds which are then stored in a freezer.

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Food Smokers Certainly are a Healthy Choice

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Today everybody has made choice for change. We have designed a commitment to being more healthy and fitter we should have the best in our lives. We want to have the best from free from the fatty acids and cholesterol associated with frying oils. We basically just want to have refreshing and healthy, whole food. With this decision we always increase the risk for mistake that healthy food choices does not taste great. It is totally unappetizing. But actually smoked foods created form our very own foods smokers are among the healthiest in the world.

The simple proven fact that meats like a brisket for example is hot used to smoke in its own fruit drinks gives it a very delicious and appetizing flavour that will surely become loved by all our friends and loved ones. Compare a healthy aspect of beef to something fried as well as drenched in oil, we know that this contemporary and age provides extensive junk food. We can be making our families much healthier by using smoked meats.

Using food smokers makes our food not only healthier it also makes them tastier. The actual smoking process permits the meats to be cooked in its personal natural juices, thus the healthy body building and tissue mending proteins are conserved. The smoke in the many different types of woods on offer are : give a truly unique taste.

As home chefs we can provide our own salts, various smoking woods and chips to create our own distinctive flavor.

Something in excess in still considered harmful, when we serve smoked lean meats, fish and sea food we should always keep in mind if we eat anything in too many servings it will always be unhealthy. We should watch our portions when we eat used to smoke meats and fish since their appetizing flavors have been proven to whet appetites and palates more than every other dish so it is merely prudent that we consume moderately.

In our quest for healthy food, nothing is healthier than smoked salmon. We can buy several expensive varieties of this succulent smoked seafood in Delis and specialty stores.

Smoked salmon is great in many types of dishes; it can be made with salads, sandwiches because main dishes and much more but Smoked Salmon has very high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. This wonderful material found in smoked fish has the ability to lower incidences of cardiovascular related diseases and lengthen our life.

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Cabbage Soup Recipe - Tasty, Healthy, Cheap

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Cabbage soup recipe choices are tasty additions to any table. And cabbage is a super food packed with nutrition that's good for anybody, dieting or not. If you're looking for a way to stretch your food budget, look no further.


Cabbage soup has a reputation as a somewhat smelly, stinky, bland sort of concoction. But it isn't necessarily any of those. The taste of soup largely depends on the ingredients including spices, so good soup is dependent on the materials you use.

Try this to get started.

Cabbage Soup Quick and Easy

1 large head of cabbage

1 large bunch celery

2 bunches green onions

1 large can whole tomatoes

2 cans of chicken broth (13 oz)

3 large bell peppers

salt and pepper to taste

Clean all the vegetables, slice, chop, and add in large pot. Add whole tomato, chicken broth and cook on low heat for 15 minutes or until tender.


Cabbage is high in calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and much more. The raw juice is used for colon disorders and is quick acting. The cabbage soup diet is an old quick weight loss plan used to lose 10 pounds in a week. The soup is used as a filler and strict meal plans are provided for each day. Raw in salads, in juices or cooked in soups, cabbage is an important healthy food.


There's a reason cabbage is a staple of peasant people in cool climates. Cabbage is easy to grow in cold climates, but not so easy in warm weather where pests attack. Because it's easy to grow and a high yielding crop, it's cheap. Peasant diets often are more nutritious than the processed diets of seemingly more affluent folks. So as you sit down to enjoy cabbage soup spiced just to suit your tastes, wonder what the rich folks are eating.

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Help Your Pet Grow Up Healthy With Tasty Puppy Dog Food

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Feeding a puppy isn't easy. If your puppy is to become an integral part in your family's life, you will have to consider their health above all things when choosing their food. Because of this, you need to opt for healthy and tasty puppy dog food to prolong you puppies life as much as possible.

Healthy puppy food should have balanced nutritional proportions that your puppy needs to grow and develop properly. If your puppy is to stay healthy, it would be recommended to choose dog food that has nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fat. You also need to know that not enough or too many nutrients can be dangerous to your puppy's health. Dog food that is commercially processed usually has tons of preservatives in it, so you need to learn how to pick the most nourishing and healthiest dog food for your puppy to stay in good health and shape.

Protein happens to be a vital nutrient that food for dogs needs to have. It would be ideal to opt for all-natural dog food with enough protein for your puppy. Make sure that your puppy's diet has at least 40% of protein in it because the amino acids found therein are vital in antibody regulation and muscle development. Several great protein sources would be fish, soybeans, and meat. Bully sticks and bones are also part of the mix.

It would also be important to opt for healthy food with enough carbohydrates in it. Around 40 to 60% of carbohydrates would be needed to keep your puppy healthy. As with protein, an excessive amount of carbohydrates in dog food would not be healthy since it will get stored in the form of fat and might make your puppy obese while suffering from other health problems. Several great carbohydrate sources for your puppy would include oats, yams, sweet potatoes, and bakery products.

Fat would also be an essential consideration when picking out healthy food. Great fat sources in dog food would include vegetable oil, fish and meat. Make sure your puppy's diet includes fat so that his skin stays healthy. Fat also happens to help restore other puppy health problems like inflammation and blood clotting.

As with people, puppies also need minerals and vitamins in order for their body systems to function properly. Because of this, you need to pick out healthy puppy dog food for your puppy, such as organic treats filled with minerals and vitamins that play a significant role in the overall development of your puppy. Such things can even help in battling diseases to boot. Aside from these particular nutrients, it would also be essential to add enough water for nutrient transportation and proper digestion. Take care of your puppy with nothing but the right kind of tasty dog food for him from now on. Be a good owner.

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The Main Food Dehydrators Benefits

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Have you been purchasing bags of dehydrated bananas, apples, plums or apricots at the store? Perhaps youve even considered having a food dehydrator for yourself to enjoy the advantages of dehydrating. Let's take a look at food driers to learn what these are, how they work, features and the pros of dehydrated foods using a food drier.

Food dehydrators take care of numerous fruity problems. Dry fruits can be slightly overpriced, but a good model makes it simple to make your own. After this you can carry recipients, full of not very perishable quiet fruits. It is easier to pass over harmful foods, when you have a bag filled with beneficial food and drink. If youre making your personal, you do not have to dry the fruit to a mummified condition to make it last in a store. You can dry them incompletely so they'll still stay fresh, but hold a touch of succulent. During the process, you can take two kinds of fruits in their just getting sticky, viscous period and mush them as one. Then squish these flat and continue dehydrating to make a appetizing fruit roll up. This is working best with similar textured squashy fruits like peaches, bananas, figs, and strawberries. You might make a novel family favorite.

There are distinct versions as well. A few have fans mounted at the bottom and top which circulate the air vertically. Another type has the fan installed at its rear part to move the air horizontally. One other product uses the method of convection for dehydrating and has no fan at all. Models which have the fans mounted on the top are considered to be the best because they stop the mixing of food flavors, dripping etc. Another point to note relates to the heating system. Check if it is enclosed or not. If it is enclosed you can be safe because the juices from your foods wont make problems while dripping on it. Check the wattage of the food drier. The greater power it has the more would be the drying capacity. For average dehydrating you may need just about 500 watts. Some versions have the choice where it is possible to add additional trays. Such models require to have more watts for working well. The most essential thing to consider is the dimension. You select the equipment according to the space available in your cooking area. Other significant features on these electronics include timers, adjustable thermostats, provision to add more trays, dimension of the tray and so on.

Those who raise their very own fruit and veggies make out exceptionally well when dehydrating knowing we now have no chemical ingredients or pesticides in the meals they're preserving. An additional great advantage of dehydrating at home is being able to take advantage of shop sales and drying huge quantities for healthy meals.Theres nothing really like taking your own personal homemade dried foods camping or to munch on while rock climbing on the paths. Ingredients developed in a food drier contain more minerals, vitamins and enzymes than other cooking methods. This implies that all the vegetables, fruits and meats taste fantastic and are healthy for you too. Food dehydrators are simple to use, reasonably prices and supply delicious, healthy food.

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You Will Discover Healthy and Tasty Foods That Will Help Burn Fat

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Many people who want to discover healthy and tasty foods that can help burn fat and lose weight hear familiar terms like "burn fat" and "eat healthy", but these vague terms are often followed by some type of diet that includes food that tastes like cardboard and restricted diets that do not encourage a person to stay on a diet.

"Healthy" diets that sell for big bucks are designed in a way that sets the average person up for failure. They do not take into account that the body requires certain amounts of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to lose weight and some of those items are not found in the foods that don't contain sugar or calories. Most people who go on these diets will try very hard to reach their goal weight, but shortly after reaching their goal, they are off the wagon and eating again. The result is that about 90% of the people who start these diets fail and regain the weight they have lost.

It is very important that, before you start a diet, you learn about the vitamins, nutrients, and foods that will help your body to perform most efficiently and burn calories and fat. When you create a diet using the foods that are effective for you and you eat regularly, you will not be stuck with a bland tasteless diet. Your body will be getting what it needs to keep you healthy and give you the energy you need to burn the calories that you need to burn in order to lose the fat that you want to lose. Some foods are very good for helping you achieve your goals. By including these foods in your diet, you can avoid sugar cravings, get the nutrients you need, and enjoy a "healthy" diet more.

Raw nuts - Nuts are not bad for you, it's the stuff that is used to coat them like sugar and salt, that can counteract the good things that they do for you. Eating raw nuts provides you with important oil and vitamins that your body needs to function effectively. Yes, you need to monitor the amount of raw nuts that you eat each day. But, eating a handful of raw nuts each day will actually do your body more good than bad.

Fruits - There are some diets that advise people to stay away from fruits. But, eating raw fruit is like eating a vitamin. You are getting several vitamins including important vitamin C. Fruit gives you important fiber that you need and can help a person through a sugar craving very well. Eating berries is especially good for you and will give you a higher carbohydrate to sugar ratio than other fruits. When you are low on energy, fruit is a terrific way to regain energy easily.

Eggs - When you are looking at sources of protein, you will find that eggs are an extremely good source of protein. While egg whites can be avoided, egg yolks contain the protein, minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are critical for your body to function efficiently. Many people find that eating egg yolks without the whites in their meals does not change the taste of the food and is a great way to get the protein that is needed. In addition, eating a whole egg will make a person feel full longer than many foods and is a great addition to a salad when you are dieting.

Losing weight does not have to be hard. If your body is getting the minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are needed to stay balanced, and you are getting exercise on a regular basis, you are going to burn fat. Most people do not eat regularly or eat healthy. But, by just including some healthy foods in your diet and eating at regular intervals, you metabolism will work more efficiently.

The key to losing fat and weight is the metabolism. This is the part of your body that burns calories. When you are keeping your metabolism properly fueled and you are active, you are going to burn calories and fat. By eating properly, you are going to flush toxins from your body naturally and find that losing weight is very easy and natural. The first step will be to include the foods above into a regular healthy diet and find what foods fill you up, give you energy, and motivate you to eat more healthy foods.

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