What Makes a Truly Healthy Natural Fruit Juice

Posted by javanuddin on Sunday, March 4, 2012

Discover Super Premium Fruit Juice

In recent times Fruit Juice has been given a bad wrap, with many nutritionists stating that it is low in fibre when compared to eating whole pieces of fruit. But now there's a new Juice category - Super Premium Fruit Juice - and it is growing at a very fast pace.

What is 'super premium' fruit juice

Super premium fruit juice aims to get juice in its most healthy, natural form from the grower to to the consumer. Super premium juice is made up of the whole fruit skin and all, and is more like a juice smoothie. Whole fruit means plenty of fibre and far more vitamins and minerals in your diet. Whole fruit such as mangos, plums, peaches and berries are crushed rather than juiced so all of the fleshy goodness goes into the bottle.

Juice that is heat-treated in the same way as Milk

What makes it super premium is that it is pasteurised (heated) in a way that is similar to milk, that is very quickly and at a high temperature. This form of pasteurisation keeps it as close to its natural state as possible and sustains far more of the fruits' goodness for consumption. The proof that it is truly a super premium juice is that it has a shelf life also similar to milk. Immediately after pasteurisation the juice is cold filtered to 4°C and then must be transported and stored at that temperature to give it a shelf life of around 30 days.

The squeeze on normal fruit juice

Most fruit juice contains only the juice from the fruit, not the flesh. The flesh of the fruit is where most of the goodness is. Most juice is also pasteurised (heated) for a long period of time to give it a longer shelf life. This process also diminishes the nutritional value of the juice, as many nutrients are lost in the heating process. A lot of bottled juice is also made from concentrate where most of the nutrition has been boiled out.

Other that being very healthy for you, these premium juices taste amazing! This must be due to the fact that you are tasting the whole fruit with far less damage to it through pasteurisation. I have tried a range of this type of juice and it is markedly noticeable how much more distinct the flavours are, I think it's the best fruit juice I've ever tasted.

This is an exciting growth category, and it will be interesting to see what wonderful flavours enter the market.

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