Healthy Purple Fruit

Posted by javanuddin on Friday, March 9, 2012

Many experts tell us to eat food that is colorful, meaning having foods that represent all the colors. One of my favorite colors is purple, so I started looking into purple fruit and discovered that there are a variety available to us that keep our immune systems strong and healthy. This is because of their high antioxidant content and rich source of vitamins.

Let's look at an interesting fact. Different areas of the world grow different fruits. But as I check each area I discovered that there is always some type of purple fruit growing in each area. For instance, blueberries (I know the name is 'blue' but the fruit is a dark purple when ripe) are grown in Maine and Michigan to name two states. Elderberries grow well in the Midwest and very well in ditches in Iowa. Huckleberries grow in the mountain states, especially in Wyoming. (but you have to beat the bears to get the huckleberries). Acai berries grow in Central and South America. Purple grapes grow well in many areas. Again we have a very nutritious healthy good for you purple fruits.

My point is that no matter where you live you probably can find a purple fruit to add to your diet. That being said, why you ask?

Let's look at grapes for example. They are an excellent source of manganese and vitamins C, B1, B6 and potassium. They contain flavonoids quercetin and resveratol which appear to decrease the risk of heart disease. Plus the anti-inflammatory effects of resveratol may lower cancer risks.

Blueberries are the highest antioxidant besides the Acai berry. They promote urinary tract health, protect against age related eye problems and are good for constipation and digestion.

Plums are an excellent source of vitamin C, which aids in wound healing. They are rich in vitamin B2, fiber and potassium and appear to have a favorable effect on blood sugar.

These are just three of the readily available healthy purple fruits that you can include in your healthy diet. If I've named some nutrients you aren't familiar with, do some research and discover why I've recommended adding purple fruits to your daily diet. The more you know, the better you'll eat and the better you'll feel and the longer you'll be healthy. Take charge of your food choices and add purple fruits to your diet today.

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