Easy and Healthy Chocolate and Fruit Parfait

Posted by javanuddin on Friday, March 9, 2012

It is hard to control one's hunger pangs while on a weight loss mission. It is even harder to control one's sugar cravings, if you are a sweet- tooth on a weight loss program. It is the worst kind of tortures for people having a sweet tooth to refrain from desserts. Well, if you are one such person, here is a healthy dessert recipe to satisfy your sugar cravings, which you can dish up in just five minutes.

Serves- 2 parfaits (2 shot glasses, or 2 small dessert bowls)

Preparation time- 5 minutes

Nonfat vanilla/ flavored yogurt- 8 oz (1 cup)
Fresh bananas, thinly sliced- 1 cup
Fresh strawberries/ raspberries, halved- 1 cup
Chocolate Syrup/ semisweet chocolate chips, melted- 2 tablespoons
Granola topping- 2 tablespoons


Divide the yogurt into 2 shot glasses or dessert bowls. Add the granola topping over it into a thick layer. Now place the sliced bananas over the granola topping. Put the fresh strawberries over the bananas. Complete by drizzling the chocolate syrup (or melted chocolate chips) over the dessert. Refrigerate and serve chilled.


- You can replace the yogurt with low- fat ice cream or low- fat condensed milk.
- You can replace the bananas and strawberries with fruits of your choice. Pineapples also work well in this recipe.
- You can also choose toppings of your choice in place of chocolate syrup and granola.

This is a yummy treat for you and your family, which does not take more than five minutes to dish up. Enjoy the delicious taste without worrying about the calories. You can try different variations in this recipe, to suit your own taste. There is a lot of room for creativity here. It is one of the best treats to satisfy your dessert cravings without adding on calories.

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