Healthy Food Choices For Diabetics

Posted by javanuddin on Saturday, March 17, 2012

There is no question that diabetes is a challenging illness and it is essential when suffering with diabetes that you extra time to understand the food you eat. You are what you eat and to a grave degree you will feel how you eat.

If you begin to make the wrong food choices you will make this illness even worse and that is the last thing you want to do. As a result of which it is imperative that you start to eat a healthy diet.

Let's break down some foods and explain how they can help. First off let's take fiber; fiber is wonderful because it helps to manage your blood sugar levels. It accomplishes this by limiting and restricting refined sugar consumption. You can get plenty of fiber from fruit, vegetables, beans, peas and whole grains.

Protein has its benefits as it helps us to feel more satisfied, in other words less hungry. For example let's say you had two meals, one packed with carbohydrates and the other high in protein, the latter would sustain you longer.

The bottom line is this protein does not require as much insulin, carbs get absorbed quickly and that is why you have highs and lows when eating meals with carbohydrates.

That is not to say that you cut out carbohydrates, everything has its place and the body needs at least thirty grams per day. In terms of protein you need not worry, eat as much as you like. So basically cut down on carbs and eat plenty of protein.

Food that contain carbohydrates include, bread, pasta and potatoes. Let's quickly move on to fats, you want to avoid saturated fats that come from dairy products, unsaturated fats are ok in limited amounts. Your best fats are monounsaturated.

In conclusion balance is the key and understanding what you eat and the ingredients therein is imperative.

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