Why is Junk Food Unhealthy?

Posted by javanuddin on Thursday, March 15, 2012

Junk food can be very unhealthy for people if eaten too much and on a regular basis. Many nutritionists will advise people not to eat lots of this kind of food and to not include it in their diet as a regular nutrient. It has different reactions on different people and can affect their health in many ways.

Junk food often includes a very high content in salt, sugar and fats that can affect our cardiovascular functions; this is because the high content in fat will cause our arteries to clog causing our heart to suffer because it is put under a lot of strain. The high content in sugar that is found in many types of fast food can cause us many different types of illnesses and it can also ruin the enamel on our teeth causing them to rot.

The high content in salt is also very unhealthy and can also cause problems in our heart. People who suffer from obesity or that are over weight have a higher risk of cardiovascular problems caused by the higher fat and salt contents. This is because people who have weight problems have normally got heart problems already due to the fat around the heart. By adding more fats and salts to their organism they have a higher risk of heart problems.

Any person that eats this kind of menu on a regular basis has a very high risk of suffering with heart problems such as heart attacks. Junk food is not a healthy food at all and because of this it is advised to eat and drink very little amounts of these types of foods. Even for healthy people it is not advisable to eat lots of fast food.

For those people who like to eat junk food it is advisable to maintain a healthy diet on a regular basis and only eat it on rare occasions. If eaten on a very small basis the risk of illnesses that it can cause will be reduced.

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