List of Common Fruits - Healthy Fruits For You to Eat

Posted by javanuddin on Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fruits are chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, basic sugars, "good" fats and proteins. Nutritionists believe the average human being requires at least 5 servings of fruits per day. They are among the cleanest and healthiest of foods on the planet, especially if grown organically, and because there are no additives or trans-fat involved, the list of common fruits available to the public should be considered highly important in daily intake.

Apples: The World's Favorite Fruit

Delicious, sweet and nutritious, the simple apple grows in many areas around the world. While China leads apple production (producing 41% of the planet's apples), other countries such as the United States, France, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Argentina, Germany, Russian Federation, Chile and Japan also are top producers. Some warmer countries such as Mexico and Iraq also contribute to the world's apple supply by growing them in the higher altitude regions of their countries.

Folks in the United States use apples for many different items. Half of the apples produced are eaten as fresh fruit. One-fifth of the supply is used in wine, jelly, juice, butter, cider and vinegar. 17% of the apples produced in the US are canned for pie filling or as applesauce and the remainder of the supply is sold to other countries.

Bananas: Exotic Yellow Paradise

On the list of common fruits, the banana is the world's 4th largest fruit crop. Because the banana plant needs 15 months of warm weather (frost-free) to produce the fruit, this plant grows only in tropical regions such as Brazil, Uganda, Philippines, India and Latin American countries.

Some of the common varieties include:
-Dwarf Cavendish
-Williams Hybrid
-Red Jamaica

Not only is the fruit of the banana plant used as fresh fruit, eaten in cereal, salads and cocktails, but also the plant itself is used to make mats, build roofs, bags and baskets because it is a durable fiber.

They are important and rich sources of carbohydrates and also contain potassium, vitamins C and A and phosphorous.

Cherries: Gems of Ruby Red

Cherries grow small and soft and have a pit, or stone. On the list of common fruits, the cherry is one of the most popular in the entire world as its unique and vibrant flavor lends itself to many different products. Native to Europe, cherries do come in varieties other than red, but also yellow and black.

Some of the products cherries can be made into include:
-Pancakes and Pancake Toppings
-Coupled with Chocolate

Pears: Sweet, Tart and Mellow

Pears lend themselves to baking and fresh eating easily because of their tender skin and even more tender flesh. They have a mild flavor and scent and are used in many classic, upscale dessert recipes.

Originating in Europe and Asia, pears were first cultivated as far back as the ancient Romans. There are over 850 different varieties of pears and contain important nutrients such as riboflavin and potassium.

The list of common fruits does not end there. Nature supplies us with ample opportunity to provide our bodies with the healthy, pure vitamins and minerals only fruits can contribute.

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