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Posted by javanuddin on Friday, July 20, 2012 has got it all! The A-Z of salmon is basically what the website is all about. To begin with, it addresses the questions of what is salmon? Where does salmon come from? What are the types of salmon? How does one purchase, catch salmon? Where can one purchase salmon - depending on geographic location.

Once these fundamental and primary questions are answered for beginners, the website goes on to lay out in great detail other links and sources for more valuable information on everything to do with salmon.

When it comes to salmon recipes the complete and thorough information the website provides ensures that this is the only site you will ever need to visit when looking for salmon preparation techniques and procedures.

You name it, the web sites got it when it comes to salmon. This versatility offered is similar to the versatility of the fish the site promotes. Salmon is an easy food group to get addicted to. Whats great however is that it is a healthy food to form an addiction for! Low in carbs, rich in nutrients and good fatty acids including the prized omega 3 salmon has been found to have amazing health properties that will keep the doctor away for a very long time if it on your normal diet plan. Recent research has also favoured salmon with mental progress related disease prevention. The list of health properties attributed to this amazing fish simply grows each year.

It is a popularly believed notion that anything healthy cannot possibly be tasty! However this is where salmon once again defeats all odds. This combination of yummy nutrition is what makes people want to eat salmon. As it is a fish that is easy to make and blends well with accompaniments, there is a wide variety of options available to create a new dish every time.

The site offers a comprehensive list of recipes sorted by meal course, salmon portion, preparation/cooking method and preparation time. Depending on the occasion, number of people, time available to prepare etc a recipe that is ideal can be sourced within seconds! Ballontine of smoked salmon, salmon rissoles, salmon burgers, poached fillet of Scottish salmon with beetroot and cous cous, ginger salmon stir fry are just a tiny portion of the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the recipes available at Dont let the long names and complicated words get you down. Some of the high flown sounding recipes are often he easiest to prepare. primarily provides a forum in which over 700 recipes are made available to viewers who wish to try their hand at making innovative new recipes. These recipes are sourced from various people around the world, including top chefs and industry leaders.

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