Combine a fish Fryer and California rock cod, to make a delicious meal

Posted by javanuddin on Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One is my favorite fishing trips on the North coast of California for rock cod and my favorite way to prepare a fish deep Fryer. The problem is that you have to before you can cook, and thats why I love the rock cod fishing. If you have your boat into the water, and do you know where is the barrier reef, fish are caught. Easy. And a fresh plug with a deep fish FRITEUSEN to combine to make a delicious food.

Finally, one of the reasons is because we have fish to eat on the table. After a day on the water and the time and effort to clean and prepare the fish, is a deep fried meal cod rock a great reward.

When choosing your device before the choice you have to do is electric or gas. If you cook like me and many outdoor without electricity available, your only option is a propane gas burner. My favorite is the Bayou classic fish recipes. Propane burners are well-constructed, portable and easy to use.

To prepare your rock in cod Fryer, you want to network. The chest and boxes you need to make sure that all of the others, you may have missed the cut. Cut the fillets into strips of 2 "". " Keep provided that all are thoroughly cook your fish pieces about the same size.

Next, you need to your fish to coat. Use a paste or delete with egg and breadcrumbs. In general, I prefer a paste with beer, but it depends on personal preference. Therefore, make sure that they make in the lining. This will cause the output of oil and maintain moisture.

Make sure you use a vegetable oil with a high smoke point. I normally use peanut oil, canola oil or soybean oil, however it works. You must send the oil are not much less than 350 degrees in 350-375 degrees f. preheating or oil will make the mass to appreciate the flavor of the fish oil.

Proper cooking temperature, is the cod of the dough is moist and flavorful and crispy golden. Then, make sure you quality with your deep fish Fryer thermometer. If you can't put a small piece of bread into the hot oil when it is golden in 45-60 seconds, okay the oil temperature.Do not overload your FRITEUSEN, because it lowers the temperature of the oil. Only you roast 3 to 6 piece of fish at a time, depending on the size of the Fryer.

Also, it's time to eat and there are a variety of delicious ways to use cod deep fried rock. It tastes aside, or dive into your favorite sauce. One of my all time favorites is fish tacos. If possible a crispy shell, or a soft shell deep fried cod very well either and the fact that a delicious meal.

So if you want to fish, try cod rock California. Remember, you need to know where are the coral reefs, so make sure you have the local knowledge. Oh and don't forget your fish Fryer.

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